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Jumbo Mast Net Play Structures

Playground Equipment Description

As the largest single mast play structure available, the Jumbo Mast Net certainly lives up to its name. An intricate web of Climbinet’s signature steel-core web rope, the Jumbo Net is rope playground equipment built to entertain hundreds of kids. And although its size is impressive, its safety is reassuring thanks to Climbinet’s Freefall Prevention System, where its play structure web ropes are never more than one meter apart. If you need to accommodate a large number of children, but don’t have the space requirements necessary for a Quad Mast Net, the unique Jumbo Mast Net is perfect.

Jumbo Mast Net Products:






L 65’ 11’’ / 20.08m
W 65’ 11’’ / 20.08m
H 38’ 5’’ / 11.70m


Reaching the top of a Jumbo Net play structure is not only part of playground fun; it’s a key step in child development. Climbinet’s Mast Nets – its most popular line – are dedicated to the idea of play value. Research through the years has shown that the kind of rope playground equipment climbing and teamwork challenges found on Mast Nets help build social and critical thinking skills, that will support a child both during recess and after. Larger play structure models like the Jumbo Net can reach up to 20 feet into the air, but there are smaller models for younger kids and smaller capacities as well. The Mast Net structure is designed to capture the thrill of scaling the mast of a ship and watching the world go by from the crow’s nest. Kids will love the teamwork it takes to reach the top of the play structure. And although it looks daunting, the Jumbo Net’s Freefall Prevention system means parents can rest assured that they’re kids are safe, and backed by Climbinet’s rigorous playground safety standards. With 20 different rope playground equipment models available, you can be sure the bouncy and durable Mast Net play structures can be tailored to fit any school or park playground.