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Climbinet Play Structures and Playground Net Equipment Manufacturer

Climbinet offers a stunning selection of durable and high-quality net play structures

Climbinet is a designer of net play structures and an outdoor rope playground equipment manufacturer. By combining economical value, quality, and safety, Climbinet has created net play structures that are an essential addition to any community park or school playground. Climbinet playground equipment is based on Reaching the Top! – a philosophy of active play and teamwork.

What makes Climbinet play structures special?

Climbinet playground equipment has distinguished itself with its NETS concept:

  • No Quality Compromises: Every play structure uses only steel-core ropes and one-piece connector joints to ensure safety and durability. Watch the video on the right to see how a steel-core keeps playground equipment more durable over time
  • Economical Value: Climbinet’s wide range of playground equipment can be tailored to any budget.
  • Time for Play, Not for Repairs: Climbinet’s unique playground equipment creates less maintenance timeouts and costs, and more time for play.
  • Safety Comes First: Every play structure design is build to maximize playground safety and fall protection.

Each of Climbinet’s play structures is designed to keep kids active and working together. Creating an atmosphere where kids can team up to achieve mutual goals is essential to child development of motivation and social skills. And keeping kids active by climbing, hanging, and shooting hoops can create healthy play and living habits for life.

Play structures with economical value

As a playground equipment manufacturer, Climbinet recognizes the importance of the economical value of its play structures. Therefore, its playground net structures come in a wide range of economical solutions.  Without compromising high-quality materials and long-term durability, Climbinet play structures can be designed to fit any budget. Playground developers can count on Climbinet’s durability, while parents can be assured by Climbinet’s rigorous playground safety standards.

Climbinet offers a wide range of play structures for all age groups and any sized playground, so please feel free to contact us today for further information or read more about what sets Climbinet play structures apart.

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